Is Yoga Cardiovascular Work Nick Clark Health (NCH)

Is Yoga Cardiovascular Work  Nick Clark Health (NCH)

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February 10, 2011 By Nick Leave a Comment

Generally you might not think of yoga or pilates as an aerobic work out.  In fact, I am really unsure if pilates is or not. Good thing this is about yoga!  It is interesting how often I have people tell me that the reason they do not do yoga as much is because they need a cardiovascular work out.  Have you ever heard this?  It is an interesting comment, in fact, it is a very good point if you are in the dark about certain types of yoga.  There is most definitely cardio in power vinyasa yoga.

When I was first introduced to yoga, I joined my friend for what was called a gentle yoga class at the Chico Sports Club. Because of the slow natured approach to the yoga, I immediately decided that I was probably not going to be doing very many yoga classes in my life.  This of course was because I was naive.  I didnt think that there were different types of yoga. I had NO idea!  In fact the types of yoga are like types of flowers. There are so many options that fit so many people. The type that finally hooked my heart is called power vinyasa.

Power vinyasa is a rigorous workout combined with breath and body awareness.   A series of difficult, yet nourishing poses that challenge your mind and your heart.  You may want to quit early, but each and every time you learn that your mind is controlling your thoughts. The uncomfortable pain you experience can be pushed away with breath. When you have the breath and the body awareness in tune, you can tap into the mind.  This is where the real transformation starts to occur.

Each and every time that I take a power vinyasa class, my heart rate is elevated and sustained for a long period of time. This is the definition of cardiovascular work.  Sometimes it elevated so much that I have to take rest.  Heart Pounding!

So, if you are looking for cardio and were unaware that you could get it from yoga, you can.  Check out Power Vinyasa Studios in your area, youll be happy you did!

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