Raw Milk, Your Immune Systems Best Friend! Healthy Eating Renewed

Raw Milk, Your Immune Systems Best Friend!  Healthy Eating Renewed

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Raw Milk, Your Immune Systems Best Friend!

Posted on January 28, 2011 by Bill Thibodeau

As people will soon learn on this site, I am a big advocate of raw milk. I have been only drinking it for the past two years and have noticed significant health benefits!

I used to have really bad allergies when I was a kid due to improper diet. These werent mild symptoms either. I use to have severe attacks where I would sneeze twelve plus times in a row. This would be followed by extreme nasal drip which meant blowing my nose a zillion times until it looked like Rodolph! I wish I was exaggerating, but these were real symptoms that I had to deal with my entire childhood. In my early  twenties I started researching alternative diets to help alleviate this health condition. I was not about to take allergy shots. I know a lot of people take these shots and get good results, but I was just to bull headed when it came taking anything that was unnatural. I guess I got this from my Mom growing up. She worked in the health field as a nurse and always complained about how wrong the health care system was in America. I guess this what made me compelled to search out other natural health alternatives at an early age. Through my research, I started to eliminate a lot of processed foods and cut way back on my sugar intake. This helped a lot, but I still would get occasional attacks in spring and the winter months.  These attacks were still really bad, just less frequent. I remember being in a training at work about two and a half years ago and my nose was just running like a facet. I was constantly going to to the rest room to get more toilet paper to blow my nose. I would bring back a wad of toilet paper and then use it to wipe my nose during the training so I wouldnt have to run out every second.  Unfortunately my nose was running so bad that all the paper i brought back became too wet to use on my runny nose. I made several trips to the bathroom during this training. Very embarrassing to say the least. Last thing I wanted to do was blow my horn while the instructor was teaching the class .

So why am I sharing this? I am sure it sounds absolutely disgusting! Well the main reason I am sharing this personal story is because it is the last time I had a sever allergy attack. Two years and two months to be exact. So what does this have to do with milk? This has to do with raw milk! Around that time I was reading a lot about raw foods and started to incorporate this super-food into my diet. I call it a supper-food because of all the immune building characteristics it contains. Raw milk is full of probiotics, immunoglobulins, trace minerals, CLA, natural omega 3 from the cows being pasture feed, and all the other good stuff that is completely destroyed when its pasteurized.  Raw, unpasteurized milk also contains natural anti-histamines. I now believe that by consuming raw milk, I have built up my immune system to ward off allergies. I have barely been sick the last couple couple years too. As they say, 80 percent of your immune system is in your GI track. Now dont get the wrong idea. You cant just start chugging this stuff and expect miracles. You have to follow a balanced nutritional regimen first. But I do believe if you have access to raw milk and consume it with a healthy diet, you will build your immune system up fast! Unfortunately, the laws may very were you live. In the US their is only a handful of states were it is legal to purchase raw milk at retail. Some states you can purchase it on the farm while other states it will be illegal to buy it all together. Pasteurization laws very in other countries too. I recommend checking out realmilk.com. On the site, you can look up your country or state to see where raw milk is available to you. Raw-milk-facts.com is another great site too. This site will educate you on the differences between milk that comes from grass feed herds and milk that comes from grain feed herds. The two are totally different!

I recommend taking the time to read up on this before you seek out raw milk. Like I said before, adding this food to a diet that supports a healthy lifestyle will really help with building up your immune system. You can start by following myDietary Quick-Start Rules, and then search out a nutritional plan that right for you. To your health, -Bill

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