Quack Quack Quack :The Path To Strength and Health

Quack Quack Quack :The Path To Strength and Health

The Path To Strength and Health

Tucsons Only Health and Fitness Radio Show

Dr. Garrett Smith and myself will talk about lots of the gimmicks in the Health and Fitness Industry. A big one we see most of are in the supplement industry. Everything ranging from bodybuilding mass builders to stress relievers, protein shakes, vitamins, magic juices, and energy drinks. They are found at every store and Multi-Level Marketing Organizations (too many to name) are coming up with the newest cure nearly daily. If we have time we will also like to look at what qualifications are needed to be a trainer, fitness counselor, nutrition specialist, or expert!! You will be surprised!!! I (Danny) wrote a blog this week about Nutrition, supplements and so called specialists and when trainers cross the line. Well it ruffled some feathers of some people in the field. Read the blog  here at Tucsonkettlebell.com

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About the Show Dr. Garrett Smith NMD and Danny Sawaya CSCS, RKC will be live every Sunday at 11am-Noon on 104.1 FM or Stream the show live. We are Proud to launch the Path to Strength and Health Website. We look forward to providing our followers with up to date articles, research, and solutions to the topics you have been wanting to learn more about. This site will also have active podcasts of the show for download just in case you missed our episode. We look forward to your phone calls and email questions and ideas!!! Whether it is about general health, fitness, kettlebell training, or nutrition we will do our best to be of service to our listeners!! Please call in with your questions regarding health, nutrition, and Fitness!! 751-1041. Stream the show LIVE!!!Listen to Past Episodes DisclamerNewsletter

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The Path To Strength and Health.