Health Sculptures: Pesarattu - A healthy "dosa substitute"

Health Sculptures: Pesarattu - A healthy

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Pesarattu - A healthy "dosa substitute"

If you are an Indian, esp. South Indian and do not like "crispy dosa", please raise your hands! Idly and Dosa has been a perfect staple for South India and I bet lot of people cannot part with them, even though they are living abroad for years. I am one among them. I always make dosa batter at home. And it always comes handy when I need to fix a quick breakfast or dinner. But I am also cautious about the empty carbs we get from the rice based dosa. It did not take me long to figure out some healthy dosa alternatives and Pesarattu (moong dhal based dosa) tops the list. Since the batter is entirely made from dhal, it is highly rich in protein.

In my previous post on green gram, I already mentioned about how green gram can make an excellent addition to our meals. So hands down, this is a healthy substitute for regular dosa. With a little focus and a couple of times trying the recipe, you can get the right consistency with the crisp.

There are lot of online recipes for pesarattu. Very easy but needs a little planning since the dhal needs to be soaked. But there is no need to ferment the batter- so we can make dosa as soon as the batter is ready, unlike rice based dosa that needs an overnight fermentation. Another advantage of having pesarattu.

Enough talking. Let me get to the recipe now.Ingredients:

Whole/Split moong dhal - 1.5 cups soaked

Green chili - 2 or as needed

onions - for topping (optional)How to make it:

1. Wash and Soak split or whole green gram in water, for about 4 hours. If you are using split dhal, don''t remove the skin when grinding. It adds fiber content.Soaked green gram

2. Add Green chillies, ginger and cumin to the soaked gramPesarattu batter ingredients

3. Grind all of them in a mixie to a pouring consistency (like dosa batter)Pesarattu batter

4. Right when you are making dosa, add salt to taste and mix it well.

5. Spread a little oil on the tava and make pesarattu just like dosa. Once golden brown, flip it and let it cook.Making of pesarattu

6. You can also top the pesarattu with onions and coriander. I added onions here.

7. Serve pesarattu with onion based chutney including garlic chutney and you will never miss rice based dosa anymore.Pesarattu with Garlic chutney

I am not saying you should avoid rice dosa all the time. Alternate dosa batter with pesarattu. This way you can reduce the amount of carbs and also increasing the protein intake. This is very kid friendly. So you will not go wrong with this.

I will post the garlic chutney and some other chutney recipes that go well with pesarattu soon. For now you can find them online. Healthy Food is a medicine by itself. Eat healthy! Be healthy!

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Pesarattu - A healthy "dosa substitute"

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Pesarattu - A healthy "dosa substitute"